Friday, September 23, 2016

Ever since the Pak-backed fidayeens attacked the Indian army headquarter in Uri, nationalistic Indians are rightly asking for a military reprisal against the rogue state, the ‘cancer’ of the world. But a cool-headed consideration will certainly dictate that the time is grossly inappropriate. Even a decade may not be sufficient, because India, by virtue of its Prime Minister’s innovative diplomacy is now on a transitional plain. It is going to be a virtual P-6 state. The US is opening technological floodgates for India. Russia is selling and even providing high technologies for big-ticket items like Nuclear subs and air-craft- carriers. Japan is shedding its Nuclear inhibitions to support India even with military technologies. France is selling India world’s best fighter –aircraft , Rafale with the world’s best air-to-air missile Meteor which no country in Asia possesses.The Islamic countries like Iran, Oman, UAE and even Saudi Arabia are veering towards India.The South China Sea encroachment by China has brought the US, Jaoan and Australia at India’s doorstep. The Indo-EU relationship is also smooth. Besides to help India in its Make In India initiative , Russia, US,Japan, Germany , France etc. have shown interest for joint production and development of several high-tech defence systems.Thus India which has already surpassed China in economic growth rate, is surely to surpass China in the sphere of military technologies and weapon systems. Thus at this critical juncture, if India is involved in military conflict with Pakistan and the conflict spins out of control to become nuclear, several repurcussions await India which will be detrimental to the country:-
(a)              The Indo-Japan Nuclear deal,which is a certainty will be nipped in the bud. This will dash all hopes for India in the world of nuclear commerce and cooperation.
(b)              NSG membership will be miles away and India’s MTCR membership may be endangered.
(c)               India will lose clout in the Islamic World.
(d)             India may face tech-denial regime yet again. The US which has agreed to sell India Guardian drones and which is likely to sell Avenger armed drones will certainly back out.
(e)               ISRO which is basking in the glory of its success in Mars and Moon mission, RLV and scramjet engine and indigenous cryo engine and which is to get several high technologies post MTCR   membership of India, may again face tech-denial regime.

All these considerations forbid any military misadventure. But the question is what India can do now??

          The options include the following:-
(1)             First of all declare Pak a terror state and snap all ties with Pakistan.
(2)             Pile up diplomatic pressure on Pak.
(3)             Shelter the Baluch leaders.
(4)             Highlight Pak atrocities in Baluchistan.
(5)             Think about TNW countermeasures.
(6)             Buy and operationise BMD systems like S-400 & Iron Dome.
(7)             Develop MIRVsystems.
(8)             Revolutionise nuclear delivery systems.
(9)             Foment internal strife inside Pak and weaken it economically.
(10)        Operationise Thermo-Nuclear warheads. Till we meet our objectives, Wait.
(11)        Unless RAW power over Pak territory  to launch target assassination of the terror fountain heads and the most wanted.

Those who seek knee-jerk reactions against Pak should remember the sole Superpower’s predicament in dealing with a tiny self-styled nuclear state, North Korea which is thousands of kilometres away.
               So look before we leap and prepare for the unforeseen which may even be an Armageddon.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The South China Sea- India’s Sea Of Opportunities
The South China sea misadventure by China which sent geo-strategic seismic waves throughout the globe has been bringing about a tectonic shift in Asia and beyond to India’s advantage.
                           The US under its own strategic compulsion is busy building an anti China Military bloc comprising Japan, Australia, India and lately Vietnam. The US Congress has brought a bill designating India as a major non-NATO ally. The US is moving to by pass its own strategic barriers against India like NPT, MTCR, etc. It has already agreed to help India in the construction of an aircraft carrier and handover to it the latest EMALS technology. It is readying to handover India the most sensitive military technologies unthinkable in the past.It is ignoring India’s SLBM tests, hydrogen bomb making attempts and its alliance with its arch enemy Iran.The US is fast drifting away from Pakistan. It has stopped supplying F16s to Pak, launching drone strikes on its soil ,warning it over its support to terrorism and expressing worries about the nuclear arsnal of Pakistan.
                  Japan , too, under South China Sea pressure is fast embracing a nuclear India and the pacifist country has agreed to sell India the most sensitive millitary technologies like the US 2 amphibious planes.
               Australia, until  recently sympathetic to China has joined the anti China bloc, launched reconaissance planes in the South China Sea region and most importantly has agreed to supply uranium to India. In this atmosphere of strategic re-alignment India is deftly re-orienting its diplomatic chess board to its advantage.
             Unlike the mythological Abhimanyu who was surrounded by several fighters, fought boldly but failed to come out of their Chakravyuh, India is vigorously coming out of the US- imposed tech-denial regime and with its new found economic and military might ,coming out of the chakravyuh of the two symbiotic nuclear powers----- China & Pakistan.
                  India’s strategies include:-
1)     Concluding Logistic Supply Agreement and CISMOA with the US & providing the US bases in case of future conflict with Pak and China and securing sensitive military technologies from the US like AVENGER drones
2)     Building nuclear subs , SLBMs and air craft carrier even with US help.
3)     Sending warships frequently in the South China Sea region and putting psychological pressure on China.
4)     Building satellite tracking station in Vietnam.
5)     Perfecting hydrogen bomb facilities.
6)     Completing Chabhar agreement with Iran and Afghanistan offsetting Chinese and Pak advantages in the region.
7)     Seeking US support for NSG.
8)     Acquiring S400 air defence system from Russia to permanently deter China and Pakistan.
9)     Seeking US expertise in anti submarine war fare to track and destroy the Chinese submarines in the Indian Ocean region.

                           Thus, with the world’s first successful  test of the Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon and the rapid space successes like the Moon and Mars mission, the indigenous GPS and space shuttle experiments and the success of its own missile defense system India is sending strong signals to the two hostile neighbours. India’s defense minister is rightly performing his duties to see that India is feared and respected in the world.
                       Thus the South China Sea dispute has opened enormous enormous opportunities for India to rise not only as an Asia Pacific Power but also as a world power and if Donald Trump is elected that process is to be accelerated even faster. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

For a helpless and hopeless citizen of a country which has witnessed countless beheadings & mutilations of its soldiers by its small neighbours, no news could be so much heartening as the cross- border surgical retaliations conducted by Indian Special Forces in Myanmar.
                 This first ever cross-border operation will have a multi-faceted significance .It will send a strong signal not only to the terrorists, insurgents & the most wanted persons, but also to the countries which harbor them. This will no doubt unnerve the great powers which will count upon the strategic weight of a vast nuclear country. The propounder of Pre-emptive Strike, America will ponder over its implecation in relation to Pakistan.
              This operation will raise the value and the morale of our military.
             Moreover, our strategic planners & politicians will realize the value of Special Forces which require, like the American Seal Commandos, the stealth & silent helicopters, radar jammers, satellite feedback, drone reconnaissance and helmet mounted cameras to relay the operation back to the war room where the military and political  leadership can view the operation real time.

So a great beginning in the history of Military India under the great MODI------Rambo modi!!!!!!!!!!!..........

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Modi’s whirlwind tours to 18 countries in the first year in his office have raised considerable eye-brows in the opposition.
But the complex, geo-strategic, geographic, diplomatic, economic, industrial and maritime realities which have ensnared the nation demands a befitting role which the Indian Premier is relentlessly performing. He has assumed the role of the CEO of the nation marketing the country as a favorable destination for investment. In this role he is using his personal charm offensive by posing in the traditional attire of the country he is visiting as well as playing drums and instruments to send strong cultural messages.
But why is he so desperate? The answer lies in the past as well as in the present. India wasted precious opportunities to emerge as a superpower due to harmful coalition politics which resulted in policy paralysis .Lack of coherent foreign & defense policy as well as a hostile neighborhood and our landlocked western part hindered India’s rise.
Paired with the past, the present has thrown alarming challenges to the nation.Diplomatically our parochial and Pak-fixated approach have undervalued and wasted our strength. Our useless defense policy of no-export of defense equipments and overstress on peace has done us no good. 
China’s rise as a superpower and its overt and covert diplomatic, military and technological support to Pakistan have complicated India’s predicament. India’s helplessness has come full circle after the nuclear policy architect of Pakistan Khalid Kidwai declared that the whole of India along with the Andaman& Nicobar Islands had come under Shaheen 3 missile’s range. The rise of China is sending alarming aftershocks in the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Asia Pacific Region and even in the US. It is reportedly surpassing the US in space, cyber, ballistic missile, drone and jet fighter technologies. China has already sent nuclear submarines in the Indian Ocean. It is building several ports which can be used as military bases. India is apprehending a two-front war with Pakistan & China.
Again India is desperate to seek America’s help to counter China though years of mistrust between the two countries is still taking a toll in the transfer of sensitive military technologies. India is still a nuclear Pariah ------constrained by MTCR, NSG, Wassenaar arrangement and Australian group. Nuclear materials and dual use and military technologies are hard to come by .India is desperate to enter NSG.
The UN Security Council still disregards India and the elite P5 still is in control. Coupled with this is the diffidence which prevents Indian role in international mediation.
India needs trade and technology .In the field of defense India is the largest importer of arms .This erodes our financial base.Besides,to be a developed nation we need civilian ,dual use and military high end technologies.
Again we need to set up a flourishing industrial base in the country. We need civil manufacturing industries as well as military industrial complexes.
Our poor infrastructure has hindered our economic progress and military preparedness. India desperately needs roads, tunnels, railways, bridges, ports, telecom systems, undersea & mountain tunnels. India needs high speed trains. All these need huge investments which the domestic fund alone can ill afford.
 Again cultural exchange and people to people contact are very important for peace and prosperity of the globe.  Furthermore the promotion of Buddhism can doubly benefit India------as a soft power tool and as an economic tool as tourism can largely benefit from it from the tourist influx of China and South East Asian nations. This can blunt China’s PR exercise as the sole promoter of Buddhism. Thus to turn the whole world in India’s favor Modi has alone all the right things from the beginning .He has turned the hostile SAARC into a favorable entity. He has travelled the tiny island nations like Mauritius & Seychelles. He has secured billions of dollars from Japan, US, South Korea, China ,etc. and sought their tech helps too.Australia,France,Canada have agreed to help India in the nuclear energy field. America has agreed to co-produce and co-develop sensitive military weapon systems like the nuclear powered Vishal Aircraft carrier which will use ultra modern EMALS technologies.
              So let Modi fly all over the world .Like a bee he is collecting honey (trade, technology & investment) from several flowers (countries) to make a bee-hive in his beloved mother land------INDIA. Sitting idly in the PMO and restricting foreign tours will do us no good .Let him be the CEO, the Ambassador & the symbol of the country which has a huge potential to rule the world………

Friday, March 6, 2015


With the emergence of the dynamic, original, and innovative Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India, the geo-strategic landscape of the Asia Pacific Region started taking an altogether different hue. The diplomatic mechanism of the country acquired an unprecedented strategic sophistication. The country which faced multiple threat perceptions including a 2-front war scenario with 2 deadly nuclear neighbors and yet was bereft of a strong strategic culture, got a Prime Minister who unleashed master strokes like inviting SAARC leaders to his swearing in, inviting the US President at the Republic Day celebration, bringing Japan to India, propagating make in India initiative and Digital India Campaign etc. left China and Pakistan dumb founded.
              The defensive, passive, unpragmatic and so-called Pacifist policy mechanism was replaced by an Iron-handed approach .Diplomatic chess board was oriented to India’s advantages .Modi unleashed nerve war or psycho war against China, the country which is considered a master  in the technique .America was considered to be central to India’s rise as a geo-political, technological and military counterweight to China. Modi mesmerized America .He invited President Obama to India during R-day celebration crossed the nuclear hurdles and opened the defense technological floodgates for India .The DTTI was resurrected for joint development and production of the latest military weapon systems. The direct acquisition route through foreign military sales was also left open.
1) During Obama’s visit 4 new pathfinder projects were announced. These included Raven tactical UAVs and equipments for the gigantic C130 Hercules air craft.
2) Later on India and the US agreed upon the design and construction of a new type of air craft carrier resembling USS Nimitz .The 2 countries also agreed upon a new type of air craft launch system_Electro Magnetic Air craft lauch system. All these will reduce the reaction time to launch air craft from the carrier deck. All these are different from the Russian air craft carrier which India operates.
3) The pathfinder projects also included join development and production of jet engines which are likely to be used for India’s own stealth air craft _AMCA.
4) America has also cleared the export of unarmed Predator XP_UAVs for India. These will be helpful for reconnaissance along the Pakistan & China borders .
5) US has also agreed to provide India with the hot engine technology for air craft which will be helpful  for India’s jet fighters in the hot places like Rajasthan & Punjab.
6) India is also going to acquire extended battery pack technologies from the US .This will help the Indian soldiers to keep in contact with their platoons in the battle field without bothering about the batteries running out.
7) The US has also agreed to provide India with the missile launch warning system which will alert the Indian fighter planes about the incoming enemy missile.
            Moreover, the 2 countries are relentlessly exploring other areas of high tech co-operation.
           America has agreed to update India real time about the presence of Chinese submarines in the Indian Ocean.
     In short America is trying to build an anti-China axis in the Asia Pacific region with India as the Pivot .America is encouraging Japan & India to block the march of China through the South China Sea & the Indian Ocean.
           Again with the success of India’s MOON & MARS MISSION, I sense the possibilities of ISRO & NASA collaborating on military space projects .The NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) is nearing completion.
         When I am writing the article the China-wary America has sought deeper co-operation with India in view of the growing disruptive & destructive Chinese counter space capabilities ahead of the first INDO-US space security dialogue. So the China factor is surely going to propel the INDO-US military space co-operation.
 Another major shift in India’s foreign policy is Modi’s concentrated effort for engagement with the long neglected island nations of the Indian Ocean Region .Modi has sought to intensify engagement with Sri Lanka, Mauritus, Maldives & Seychelles. To neutralize the Chinese influence in the region the Indian Govt. has decided to cater to the civilian & military needs of the island nations.Modi has signed civilian nuclear deal with the new Sri Lankan Govt...The Sri Lankan Govt. has temporarily suspended the $1.5 billion Chinese city port project. In this way India is weaning Sri Lanka away from China. India has also decided to provide Mauritius with war ships.
                    During his Japan visit Modi not only attracted a huge Japanese capital in India but also forged a military technological partnership starting with the prospect of joint development and production of the US 2 amphibious air craft__considered to be a technological marvel which can take off from & descend on huge oceanic waves .India has also invited Japan in its submarine building programme. More areas of military technological co-operation are being explored.
         Russia has also been given due importance .Considering mountain borders against China & Pakistan, India has decided to replenish its helicopter fleet with various types of helicopters. Both the US & Russia have been roped in in this regard. Apart from the Apache and the Chinook of the Americans India is counting upon the Russian expertise in this field. Russia is being pressed to hand over the FGFAs to India as soon as possible .Russia is likely to continue to contribute to India’s nuclear submarine programme .Considering Russia’s importance Modi overlooked American pressure to condemn Russia’s  Ukraine invasion.
              Another major shift in India’s foreign policy is India’s growing bonhomie with Israel & its silence on Palestine. India’s major partner in electronic warfare and missile defense systems is being roped in for homeland security & anti-terrorist measures. Israel is more than willing to supply India with the world’s most sophisticated anti-rocket system _Iron Dome.
           A visible change in the country’s ideological shift is evident in the country’s Make-In-India & arms export policy. Modi has allowed 49% FDI in defense and in some cutting edge areas even 100%.He has invited foreign countries to set up defense industrial bases in India along with Indian partners.Modi’s call has been greeted with extreme enthusiasm by countries like the US ,Russia ,France & Israel etc. and companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin,IAI ,Dassault etc. have evinced keen interest in Make-In-India project.
         So a new India is emerging wit infinite possibilities of
India becoming
1)         a global military industrial complex,
2)         a strong naval power,
3)         a buzzing aero-space hub,
4)         a strong military technological research station with active participation of Japan the US, Israel, France, Britain & undoubtedly Russia,
5)         a strong economy with steady profits from the defense sector.
With all these possibilities India seems to be under a worthy captain. Soon India is going to emerge as Asia Pacific power no.1 from a South Asian Power. The next graduation is a world power. None can stall India’s march .China Watch Out!!!!!!!!!!




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