Friday, December 28, 2007

Who Is Responsible for Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination ?

The birth of Pakistan on 14th August, 1947 saw the massacre of lakhs of people belonging to both the Hindu and Musilm communities in India and Pakistan and the national heroes of both the countries claimed that they won freedom (independence or liberty or whatever they coaxed the peoples to believe in) from tyranny of the British rule. After the blood-bath, while India liberally chose to remain secular, the fragmented part on the other side of the river chose the opposite as a necessity. But the early leaders of Pakistan, unlike India, did not live long to give the country a logical and sane direction, and was hooked up easily by America which saw it as a launching pad against the USSR, which was hunting in Afghanistan. The leaders played as dolls remote-controlled by its big brother, who spoiled the country enough by sending generous supply of sophisticated arms, a great number of which ultimately found their way to open market in Baluchistan.

On the other hand, the leaders—both the civil and the military—invaded India as the last resort to cover up and control the internal schisms and crises, and when beaten out they would make loud cries in the UN. But more dangerously Pakistan was slowly bulging up under the collective and conscious efforts of the fundamentalists in such a massive scale that it would face the tsunami of hatred, conspiracy, arson, murder and what not. Ironically, all the assassinated leaders and generals of the country patronised and fed the terrorists with arms, money ad intelligence (mainly by the infamous ISI) in order to destabilise the democratic political order in India. Indian leaders, I think, had been and still are, too soft with Pakistan, as if tolerating the nuisances of rogue-brother who spoils home. As a result of this, both the peoples of the countries suffered heavily. But while with India those concern financial damages and loss of lives, with Pakistan those concern the loss of proper direction, the proper vision and the proper philosophy as to how to live at all in a modern world.

The leaders over there are conscious of these hard facts, but they are as helpless as a fisherman in a tiny boat on a turbulent ocean, where the fierce waves refuse to listen to. It is the greatest irony that once Mrs. Benazir Bhutto patronised the Talibans because they would, she thought, help Pakistan have a control on Afghanistan and its adjoining areas. She too acted on the principles of her predecessors, in accordance with which it was necessary for her to wage a shadow-war with India by investing too much faith in the terrorists who know and follow nothing but age-old religious dicta and the US-supplied fire-arms. Let me ask you how many leaders of Pakistan sympathised with India when a plane was hi-jacked over to Afghanistan and a newly married woman helplessly saw her husband being killed?

I can raise many questions which may seem unpleasant also to the leaders in America, who helped the Talibans, the Al-Quida and the infamous Osama. For a long time, the US remained silent about the atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistan-funded terrorists in India. Only when it saw the marks of blood on the chest that it opened its eyes and found something was amiss.

Now, Pakistan is facing greater danger because it possesses the N-weapons and it has been transferring the technology to some other rogue-states. If I ask you who/which is leading Pakistan to this kind of situation when all over the world people are conscious reaping the benefits of globalisation? The answer is inevitably related to the assassination of Mrs. Benazir Bhutto. It is that the leaders of the country mixed religion with politics in process similar those in alchemy (which had been their tradition of course) first in order to manage a piece of land to rule, then to destabilise India, strengthen their position in their kurshi, weaken other leaders out of power and to spread Islamic hegemonic control in Asia.

But in the process of alchemy no good has come out for the people in Pakistan. It must be emphasised that there are peace-loving people who want to lead a prosperous democratic life and see its children grow up as responsible citizens, not as armed terrorists ready to blow away anything that comes in the way of the dogma. Now the demons of Aladin are numerous and God knows how to get rid of those.

The terrorists belonging to Al-Quida (though it makes no difference to the Islamic terrorists who did it), if the claim be true, killed Mrs. Benazir because she was an American agent; but it does not answer what is Mr. Musharraf. This may underscore a clue to why they are tolerating him, but the important question is how long they will do so, or perhaps more importantly how long they will tolerate the leaders in power.

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