Friday, January 25, 2008

Space Militarisation—India in Double Dilemma

Post nuclear situation, India is being visited by a pre-nuclear weaponisation dilemma—to be or not to be a space-weapons state. The territorial warfare is not a thing of the past yet, but once again the shadow of space weaponisation is looming large.

Post-Cold War the US became the sole superpower of the globe. The threat of “star wars” subsided for the time being. But new geo-political urgencies unnerved the US and it began to be concerned by the spectre of “space Pearl Harbour”.

America was visibly unsettled by the emergence of the “Axis of Evil” which constituted Iraq, Iran, North Korea with more states to join it. Iraq was bombed and its ruler hanged (of course, illegally and unethically). But Iran and North Korea proved to be invincible. The USA became concerned about their nuclear ICBMs hitting the US heartland and revived the “Star War” as National Missile Defence System. Again the rapid rise of China as an economic and military superpower unnerved the US strategic community. A Chinese General once threatened the US with raining nuclear bombs if it sided with Taiwan in any future confrontation with China. Furthermore the Russian rise as a Phoenix as the challenger of the US complicated the US predicament. The USA’s proposed deployment of the missile defence components in Poland and Czech Republic angered the resurgent Russia so much that it declared its sophisticated system would jeopardise the missile defence system. All this became more complicated when China conducted an A-Sat test by destroying one of its ageing weather satellite by throwing a ballistic missile...

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