Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keys That India Hold

In the face of strong Pak-China nexus to stop India’s emergence as a world power, India needs to play its strategic cards very carefully. To deter the adversaries and create a psycho-effect, India must research how and when to play the cards. First of all, india should spread and deny that it is busy performing the computer simulation tests to develop stronger nuke war-heads.

  • Secondly, through some stunning visuals on the television of the destruction of some plutonium or uranium warheads, India can declare it is relinquishing the ordinary N-bombs and building the world’s first exclusive thermo-nuclear command.
  • Thirdly, India can suddenly testfire an ICBM and an SLBM. This will take the word by surprise and unnerve China and Pakistan. Of course, the US has to be informed.
  • Fourthly, through some deceptive activities, India should signal to the foreign military satellites that it is going for something big.
  • Fifthly, India should operationise the Nuclear Subs leased from Russia or manufactured in India.
  • Sixthly, hyperplanes and hypersonic long range missiles can do the tricks. By some overt and covert means India must acquire hypersonic technology.
  • Seventhly, n anti-missile system akin to Aegis anti-missile system should be shown on the television destroying simultaneously cruise and ballistic missiles.
  • The Indo-Russian project Glonass helping a ballistic missile land with pinpoint accuracy should be displayed on TV.
  • A Daisy Cutter or Bunker Buster can also unnerve China and Pakistan.
  • Some unique use of the space by the Indian military can take the world by surprise.
  • There are indeed several such other ways which need to be explored and utilised. But they should be employed with caution lest they do not aggravate the status quo in a whole way.

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