Wednesday, September 9, 2009

China-Pak Joint Mission--Destroy India

After the resounding success of the China-Pak joint anti –LTTE enterprise, the two nations are doubly encouraged to besiege India from all corners. In fact Pakistan is alleged to have supplied to Sri Lanka the fighter jets while china is said to have supplied the fire arms and other logistical systems. China, apparently, in exchange of its help to rout the LTTE, has secured a port at Hambantota. The Pak-Sri Lanka military co-operation is growing. China’s aim to contain India’s march into the Indian Ocean as well as to encircle India has been fulfilled. Besides, the recent disclosure that Myanmar is about to test a nuclear device has taken India by surprise. Myanmar’s nuclearisation is also a joint China-Pak effort. Two Pak scientists are reported to have fled to Myanmar post 9/11 and North Korean collaboration in the Myanmar nuclear project is certain.

China is equipping Pakistan with its full weight. According to a recent revelation Pakistan is building two new types of N-capable cruise missiles. Another report suggests that Pakistan is building an ICBM. All these missiles must have the Chinese imprint. In fact, perhaps China can give the whole of its N-arsenal to Pak for use against India.

So the joint anti India operation which saw the effort of the so-called “coffee club’’ to debar India from being a permanent member of the UN Security Council and the effort to derail the Indo-US Nuclear agreement are on a new track.

The joint China-Pak strategic co-operation in the field of missile and nuclear technologies is veering towards a new direction. Pakistan’s nuclear policy, as disclosed by the Federation of American Scientists, has changed. Pakistan is moving from uranium warheads to plutonium warheads for their smaller size and longer range. It is also developing an SLBM. The number of nuclear warheads has vastly increased. So the Pak nuclear policy is certainly being orchestrated and executed by Pak and China.

Pakistan’s attempt to destabilize the Indian economy by means of fake currency notes has the Chinese support & it certainly is helping Pakistan to destroy India’s economic fabric.

China is trying to outplace India from the Indian Ocean. It is getting the Pak support in this regard.

As the US pressure is increasing on Pakistan to hand over Dawood Ibrahim, a report confirms he may be getting shelter in China. So Dawood has become a joint asset.

Far more dangers are the Pak-China collaboration in weapon systems. While Pakistan hands over the US military technologies to China, China provides Pakistan with Russian technologies. Thus China reverse-engineered an unexploded Tomahawk secured from the Pak-Afghan border. Similarly China can acquire the UCAV technology from Pakistan if the alleged Pak-Italian collaboration in this field fructifies. Pakistan’s reported attempt to modify the US made Harpoon missiles may have the Chinese hand.

China has agreed to build a mammoth hydel power project in PoK. The 4500 megawatt project is likely to be built by the builders of the Three Gorges Dam. This Dam can have dangerous consequences for India’s ecology. Further more China wants to get the course of Brahmaputra deviated, thus making many parts of India desert areas.

So the effective China-Pak-North Korea- Myanmar quartet provides the anti-India mechanism a global reach.

We must remember that what India seems to think a Pakistani enterprise is actually a Chinese handiwork.


Anonymous said...

Nice article. Besides these days with the Maoism issue I get really concerned about the motherland. We have enough manpower and ideas to defend our nation surrounded by enemies - Israel is a great example. But What we need is patriotism rather than competition. The love for the country needs to be instilled in children from an early age through education, yoga, etc. The real history of ancient India needs to be taught.

A.K.Karthikeyan said...

Well, those nations are only capable of destruction. When they are in trouble we must not fail to extend our helping hand.



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