Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Deter China?

Waging military confrontation against India will not be easy for China. Instead they will intensify psycho-warfare against India. So India will have to identify the psycho-tools which can be used against China. Weapon systems, too, should be acquired with an eye on their psycho-effects Media management should be effective. The effect should be such that it can dissuade both China & Pakistan.

India must have to acquire at least 5000KM SLBMs & Nuclear submarines on an urgent basis. For this India must not rely only on indigenous efforts. India should buy, at least, for now, readymade SLBMs & N-Subs from any country. I think, with sufficient incentive, a secret pact with France or Russia is possible. India should focus on range and make it seen that it has the contingency plan ready to annihilate any Chinese City.

Though India is developing its own two-tier BMD, the PAC III & the Israeli Arrow can act as psychological deterrents. To avoid the Israel –US conflict in this regard, India can buy both the systems simultaneously.

India, with its option keeping open for using against China, should ask the US for a handful of B2 bombers. Even a small number of the stealth bat-like bombers which can cover 10,000 KM at a stretch, can unnerve the mighty northern neighbor.

India must display its anti-satellite ability by destroying any of its own satellites and this can be far better if India can display its laser weapon. This can have a far more grave psycho impact than China’s hard strike.

India must perfect its star-war program. It is for sure that in case of a future Indo-China conflict, China must unleash anti-satellite warfare against India. So India must be prepared for the future SPACE PEARL HARBOR.

Once the famous scientist, Dr. Mani Bhowmik advised the then home Minister to utilize India’s software prowess for its homeland security. But it is useful not only for internal security but also for external defense. So India, following the US Presidents Barrack Obama’s footsteps should raise a CYBER COMMAND which not only will defend important govt. websites but also will go on the offensive. So China, which hacks important Indian websites to know about India’s defense acquisitions, space preparations, India’s relationship with Taiwan, India’s views on Tibet, etc will get a taste of its own medicine and a think twice before launching similar attacks.

India must announce the creation of the world’s first exclusive THERMONUCLEAR COMMAND and that too after full preparation.

India should hand over the ISRO and the Atomic Energy Commission to the military. This will send a strong and subtle message to China and Pakistan.

The Canada –US anti-missile and anti-satellite centre NORAD should be replicated in India at a secure Himalayan region. The very news of its existence will unnerve Pakistan and China.

India must replenish its Phalcon AWACS arsenal. The Phalcon can detect the aircraft and the cruise missile. The Green Pine radars can detect the ballistic missiles. So India must ramp up its AWACS and anti-missile radars.

I wonder why India, despite having Israel as its defense supplier, does not make Predator-like drones or unmanned combat aerial vehicles. The drones can have extensive psycho-impact on the adversary.

On the border, Shourya missile, a derivative from the SLBM, K-15, should be deployed. Being canisterised, it can be launched from the underground and it can evade the reconnaissance satellites. This satellite-evasion power, if the range is substantially increased, will deter China.

The likely test of a hypersonic Brahmos with an extended range can unnerve China. Furthermore its air force version can be devastating.

India must seek the US help in building satellite-guided weapons like JDAMs and JSOWs. Being all weather weapons, India will be placed on a more advantageous position than China with their introduction.

India should give up the No First Use nuclear policy. This will relieve India from the self-imposed shackles which put India at disadvantage against Pakistan and China.

But the best deterrence can be obtained from the diplomatic front. Any treaty akin to the Indo-Soviet treaty with Russia and India’s active efforts to mitigate the US-Russian rivalry regarding missile defense can work wonders for India. The more Russia drifts from China, the more insecure China will feel at the diplomatic front. So any future guarantee against Chinese aggression by Russia will benefit India.

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