Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Is China Afraid of India?

China was very complacent when India was under the European and the U. S. sanctions after the Pokhran I and the Pokhran II nuclear explosions. All high-tech doors were shut on India. India was reeling under heavy technological suffocation. Post 9/11, the BJP- led India govt. supported the U. S war on terror. It also supported the U.S National Missile Defense program. Thus India strongly indicated a visible policy shift. Then the Bush administration displayed its sincerity by allowing Israel to sell India the most advanced AWACS, the Phalcon system. More secret Indo-Israeli joint projects in the military followed. India steadily advanced in the fields of electronic warfare and radar technology. In the fields of missiles and UAVs the two countries began to collaborate extensively. Israel swiftly began to outperform Russia in the defense market. China was worried. Besides the Green Pine radars landed in India. These are important components of missile defense system. Thus Israel with its own and borrowed American technology became a cause of headache for China.
Besides Indo-Israeli military space collaboration unnerved China. India launched the Israeli reconnaissance satellite Tecsar which is said to monitor Iran’s nuclear preparedness. Then India, perhaps bought the RISAT 2 from Israel which with its Synthetic Aperture Radar can function 24X7 through day and night, light and cloud.
Again India’s recent space success which has strong military connotation has sent china in a tizzy. India’s success in making the earth –imaging Indian version of the Google Earth, Bhuban, which might uncover the Chinese territory can expose Chinese military installations and hence endanger their existence. Besides India’s development of a GPS version for the sub-continent, Indian Regional Navigational Satellite system, could also be of military help. Besides India’s missile defense system could be linked with the Russian GLONASS which would help India hitting any target with pin-point accuracy. Again Indo-US space co-operation could lead India to use American GPS for military purposes. India’s own military space program seemed to have got a start with the Aerospace cell. Further, after the signing of the TSA, Indo-US space co-operation seemed to have got a right start. Besides the under-development GSLV Mark III could help India build space station. Again the Indian declaration that it has A-sat capability worries China.
Besides, India’s mega defense projects such as nuclear subs, aircraft carriers including the yet to be leased Gorshkov have worried China. With the launch of the first indigenous nuclear submarine, India already has displayed its capability. Besides Indian success in making the reactor for the nuclear sub has opened the possibility of a nuclear-propelled aircraft carrier which can cover a longer distance with a higher endurance. India’s plan of equipping at least five of its nuclear submarines with 5000KM SLBMs has pushed china to consider the effective counter-strategy.
India is reportedly going to test fire its 5000KM Agni V ballistic missile in the next year. This would cover all the important cities of China. This has increased the Chinese sense of insecurity a lot.
As China depends on its missile battery the most rather than on its inferior air force, India’s success in its homegrown missile defense program in both exospheric and endospheric tests has pushed China to reconsider the efficacy of its missiles.
India’s proposed buy of 126 multi-role fighters is seeing a world-wide competition and the US has proposed even to sell the F-18 Super Hornets, which if India buys, will increase the power of the Indian air force manifold.
The futuristic Indo-Russia joint 5th Gen Stealth Fighter has the potential to fox the Chinese air force. China cannot get such aircraft either from Russia or from the EU countries. This aircraft would be far more superior to the SU-30 aircraft which China possesses.
Besides the infallible Indo-Russian supersonic Brahmos cruise missile poses serious threat to China’s army, navy and air force. It has all the versions- air, land, water etc. Besides the Indian govt. has approved the R&D of the hypersonic Brahmos which would be perhaps of 1000KM range. The air force and naval of this missile can be dangerous. Hence China is seriously worried.
The US’ proposed help to India in its Super-Soldier program has worried China. Besides if India succeeds to build the Drones or UCAVs with either the US or the Israeli help, Chinese security can be endangered.
Finally, India’s defense relationship with Israel, France, Russia and the increasing Indo-US defense co-operation, post EUMA has cornered China. Furthermore India’s own efficacy in software and space technology could prove to be a lethal mix for China. So China wants to unleash a psychological warfare against India out of insecurity. India has to innovate its strategy, move forward and if the situation demands, give China a befitting reply.


Nooyawka said...

Most of what you write here agrees with things I've read elsewhere. India is stepping up its military, for sure. Unfortunately, India has problems with Russian vessels, which keep going up in price. From an American point of view, Western arms usually defeat Russian arms, so it's good India is moving away from its old arms supplier.

For insight into military matters world wide--including some incisive comment on India's military--I recommend the blog

srikar said...

what a great and true and true article...
I must say china is cheap in whatever they totally sucks..
get a life china



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