Thursday, October 1, 2009

China's N-Game Sounds Death Knell for the US Empire

China is reaping dividends of its clandestine, carefully calculated and highly conspiratory N-game, which is bringing the US Empire apart like a nuclear chain reaction. The patent holders of yellow revolution, orange revolution, pre-emption, precision strikes and regime change are feeling the heat. Despite much-hyped CTBT or NPT, China, by virtue of its veto power, has succeeded in its game. The US image had already taken a severe beating post North Korea onwards. The financial tsunami has confirmed the death-certificate for the US Empire.

First of all, Pakistan proved to be a double strategic benefit master card for China. Sensing opportunity during the Soviet Afghan war, China began to supply nuclear know how and materials to Pakistan when the US needed it to defeat the Soviets. China’s main aim was to create a psychological, military and financial black hole for India. But gradually it began to utilize Pakistan for its anti-US agenda. China supplied the banned techs to Libya, Iran and North Korea via AQ Khan’s network. Though Libya was forced to renounce the path, Iran & North Korea trod the banned path.

Pakistan’s N- technology put the US in a fix. It could not leave the reluctant strategic ally so easily. Furthermore there was the danger of the Al Qaeda terrorists securing the forbidden weapons. Thus knowing fully well about the existence of the hardcore terrorists, the flourishing N-activity, the AQ Khan nuclear black-market, etc the US could do nothing. It went on to coax the double-faced Pakistani rulers into getting rid of the Afghanistan quagmire and Al Qaeda. Pakistan swallowed the dollars but did little. Yet the US has tripled the civilian assistance to Pakistan. So Pakistan has proved to be an acid test for the US. To keep its Muslim friendly image, it must maintain good relations with the sole nuclear Islamic country. Further more, it has to save face in the Afghan war which it is losing. Again the N- word is haunting the US. Thus the helpless US is stuck in the Pak soil.

The North Korea nuclear crisis has destroyed the US image as an invincible supernatural military force. Ably supported by Chinese nuclear technology via Pakistan, North Korea played superb cat and mouse game with the US .The US failed to halt its nuclear & missile activities.

The repercussions were severe. Japan and South Korea understood the limitations of the US and warned it not to launch any military strikes against North Korea. South Korea sought the path to reconciliation with the North. Japan’s ruling party began to question the logic of US presence on the Japanese soil. The ruling party came after four decades of conservative rule. So the limitation of the US might as well as its missile defense system being clear to both South Korea and Japan, they are on the path to reconciliation.

Again, Iran’s missile launches and hyper activities regarding the nuclear have raised doubts about the US ability in the minds of Israel and Saudi Arabia. The US attempts to solve the west Asia crisis have faced a stiff opposition from Israel.

The Pak-China-N. Korea trio’s effort to nuclearise Myanmar has set alarm bells in the Pentagon. Deviating from its traditional policy of non-engagement and sanctions, the US is taking of engagement and reconciliation with Myanmar.

Contrary of all these, the steadfast ally of the US, Taiwan has followed a peaceful path with the Nuclear China.

All these point to the fact that the US is now a spent force. The myth of the invincible US is now broken. It is already defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through appeasement and money laundering it is trying to save its face. At the same time all the strategic outposts of the US in Asia are now realizing that N-word which attracted them towards the US has destroyed their own security and the nuclear US can do nothing. It is better to decide their own destiny. Besides, China is presenting itself as an economic super power too. So China has succeeded in its march to be a superpower. It has already set time bombs for the US Empire to collapse. Therefore in the coming days, it will not be surprising if the US is drawn towards reconciliatory path with China. Beware India!

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