Monday, October 24, 2011

Hunt for India's Strategic Weapons

Some weapons can be distinguished by their operational importance in changing the course of military or diplomatic outcomes .Earlier nuclear weapons were considered to be strategic weapons .But now several new weapons are proving to be strategic weapons.
This was more than evident when the Chinese J20 Stealth Fighter or the DF21-converted Carrier killing missile robbed the US of its peace of mind. The invincible Al Qaeda discovered death in the US drones. The Palestinian insurgent groups tasted the might of a new weapon system when most of its rockets were blown up in the air. The Iron Dome anti- rocket system is certainly a strategic weapon of Israel. Again the Chinese display of several animated models of drones has startled the US.
But the whole world was astonished when the news of a noiseless stealthy helicopter swooping down on the well- protected den of the most deadly terrorist broke out. China, realizing the strategic importance of the thing, collected the charred remains of the strategic platform.             
China also shuddered when the news of the Taiwanese Thousand Sword missile system spread. The cluster-bomb laden missile which can carpet –bomb strategic installations is a real nightmare for China.
The US B2 bomber, for long, has been a strategic platform.
India sensed a strategic platform in the versatile, Indo-Russian Brahmos cruise missile though it is constrained by range limitation.
Prahaar, an omni –directional, hypersonic, multi-warhead missile, in response to Pakistan’s TNW carrier Hatf9, has blunted Pakistan’s strategic advantage.
But India is in search of several strategic weapons. In case of a two-front war, which India considers probable, several such weapons will be needed.
Finally, India needs anti-satellite and cyber weapons. Recently there is a smell of India developing a strategic weapon based on anti-gravity technology about which the scientists refuse to talk till 2012. Let’s hope for the better.                                                                                                

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