Friday, October 21, 2011

India Readies for War with China

As India is getting choked by the “string of pearls” and is faced by stiff competition from China in its hunt for resources, India is readying itself for a not-so-impossible military show down with China.
Diplomatically it is befriending European Union and if the Euro fighter gets the nod, the bonhomie is set to increase in this atmosphere of economic tsunami in Europe. Though the US is a battered economic force and has lost the multi-billion  fighter jet deal with India and the nuclear deal has failed to take off, it tries to rope in India as a counter to China in the global affairs and seeks active co-operation with India in East Asia, in Africa and in Afghanistan. Though Russia doesn’t utter a word about China-India face off, it is also weary about Chinese influence particularly in East-Asia. It is also helping India with sophisticated naval and air weapons.Besides,Japan after confrontation with North Korea and its confrontation with  China regarding Senkaku islands  and its rare earth experience is considerably leaning towards India and has supported India in its face off with China in South China Sea regarding India’s oil exploration in the disputed Vietnamese blocks. So diplomatically India is placing it self on a solid plane though it has failed to secure a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.
So far as the defense of its territory and the offensive capabilities are concerned, India is strengthening its air power. It is going to acquire 126 multi-role fighters, 214 fifth generation fighter aircraft, and air-launched Brahmos. It is also strengthening its heavy-lift capabilities with CJ130 Hercules, C17 Globemasters, IL76 and AN32 aircraft for quick transport of its troops and equipments along the border. It has acquired Phalcon AWACS system from Israel and is building indigenous AWACS with the help of Brazilian Embraer Jets. The Indian Air Chief has declared that Nyoma and Kargil air fields will be enlarged. Several ALGs and helipads are being developed. India is also preparing for night landing facilities at all the mountainous air fields along the border with China.
After the disclosures of Chinese naval aspirations and its foray into the Indian Ocean, India has taken several steps to counter China. Reportedly India has embarked on a 60 billions rupees enterprise to strengthen its navy. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are being developed as key strategic installations. There is an attempt to increase its reach  through amphibious assault ships, INS Jalaswa and combat ships and aircraft carriers like INS Vikramaditya,indigenous air defense ship, indigenous nuclear submarine Arihant and yet to be leased Russian nuclear submarine, carrier-borne fighters like Mig 29K,yet to be developed K15 SLBMs and UAVs etc.
The real game-changer will be the successful development of the China Killer or Agni 5, scheduled to be test fired in December. This missile will evade satellites, can be placed under jet fighter hangars, and will be easily transportable and canisterised for long endurance. Besides it is being equipped with MIRV capabilities to dodge missile defense systems and target several cities. Besides underground launched land version of the underwater K15
Ballistic missile can travel 700kms and can evade satellites. Again the Brahmos Block 3regiment is being raised in North East. This missile is steep diving and suitable for mountain warfare.
Apart from increasing naval and air powers, India is increasing its land fighting capabilities. Mountain radars are to be installed all along the Indo-China border within 2016 to thwart Chinese incursions. Two mountain divisions have been raised .145ultra light howitzers are being procured from the US. Tanks are being tested on the mountains.Akash anti-missile system is being deployed in the north east.
But several things need to be done. First of all, Indo-Japan naval co-operation is necessary. Vietnam should be supplied with nuclear and missile technology and the Indo-Vietnam axis should replicate the China-Pakistan axis. Intense business and military relationship should be established with Taiwan .There should be a review of India’s Tibet policy. Long range sophisticated missiles need to be developed. There should be effective strategies to counter Chinese Cyber Blue Army and space war fare capabilities should be developed at the earliest.

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