Thursday, November 10, 2011

America’s Belated Awakening

At a time when the US is witnessing WALL STREET protests, unemployment is increasing, defense cuts are imminent ,the SPACE SHUTTLE has retired and the space ambition has been shelved, the soldiers are preparing to return   from Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is nearing nuclear capability, the UNESCO has granted membership to Palestine, Pakistan is refusing US dictates, China  is set to conquer the space ,America’s loss of the Indian MMRCA deal  was a huge setback to the US defense and aerospace industries. This deal could have created thousands of jobs, rejuvenated the moribund aerospace industry, and cemented the strategic partnership with India. Initially mistaking the deal to be in its favour, the US tried to bargain hard by refusing to part with the source code of the fighters. The US went slow on the nuclear deal. It also dithered in removing the tech denial regime. These instead of cementing the relationship between the oldest and the largest democracies of the world pushed them apart and destroyed the budding alliance between them. Russia bagged the 5th Generation fighter aircraft deal. This also failed to make the US budge. Finally it lost the MMRCA contract.
Belatedly the US Congress has secured the Pentagon NOC to go full steam with India in the defense arena and offered the high tech JSF35.The Obama administration failed to read the writing on the wall and began to woo China, When China startled the US by displaying the J20 stealth bomber and a report about a Chinese Carrier killing missile came out, the US understood the reality.
Now as the dragon fire is set to engulf the whole of Asia, the US is ringing the alarm bell. But this is also the time for the US and India to unite.
At this juncture when India is reportedly facing problems with regard to the seeker technology for the China killer(Agni5),the US stubbornness in lifting the tech denial will not only harm India but also the US. So the sooner the US wakes up, the better.

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