Thursday, November 10, 2011

India Encounters Psycho-war

When the news of China’s carrier-killing missile project came out, the US reacted with surprise and insecurity. China startled the US defense secretary during his China visit by showing a prototype of J20, allegedly a stealth fighter. Recently China has the alarmed the US by displaying models of 25 types of drones. All these are part of China’s long –term psycho-warfare project, for these weapons are not combat proven and most of China’s military hardwires are antiquated.
Psycho-warfare can be unleashed with some economic or diplomatic or military policies or actions or by the development, acquisition or display of some   weapon systems.
Of all the countries in the world, China mostly uses psycho weapons, at least against the US and India, for China is apprehensive of the overwhelming military superiority of the US and the explosive potential of India as a challenger.
Through repeated incursions into the Indian Territory, cyber intrusions, its soldier presence in the POK, the display of its A-sat capability, the development of new weapon systems, positioning of advanced missiles in Tibet, unconfirmed release of pictures on the internet, issuing stapled visas, sending its engineering divisions for war-games in Pakistan, its change of nuclear doctrine---China is engaging more in psycho strategies than real military preparedness.
Pakistan has mastered the art of psycho-war from its accomplice, China very well. It flew the F16s over Islamabad in the aftermath of 26/11 to draw world attention. It unveiled the Hatf9 missile to blunt India’s Cold Start doctrine. It always uses nuclear weapon as a psycho weapon against India.
It tries to bring Afghanistan under the Chinese umbrella. So it has unleashed psycho war against the US, India and the Afghan government to keep Afghanistan under its influence.
Russia till date is continuing psycho-war against India through its two big ticket items---Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier and the Nerpa class nuclear submarine by delaying their delivery because Russia is angry with India for leaving the Russian defense market to court the US , Israel and Europe.
But the most significant theatre of psycho war is to be seen between China and India.  As India comes closer to the US and Europe and its resource hunt clashes with that of China’s, the psycho war is bound to intensify.
Now is India’s turn. It has to hit hard at the Achilles’ heel. It. has already agreed to oil and gas exploration in the South China Sea oil blocks belonging to Vietnam. It can unnerve China through a series of steps. India can review the One China policy and raise questions about Tibet and Taiwan. It can supply missile technology to Vietnam and build a naval alliance with Japan. India can build an alternative power centre against China. It can avail of NATO’s missile defense offer. But India must follow some steps to contain China. It must build several types of Agni5 missile. It should indicate its review of NO FIRST USE nuclear policy. India’s recent change of military doctrine to fight war in enemy territory is a welcome decision. India can test BB bombs too. In fact there can be many innovative psycho weapons which can be employed with ingenuity and perfect timing. India’s new war doctrine and foray into the South China Sea have been two fours in the first over. Let’s hope for the sixes.

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