Thursday, December 12, 2013


As military-diplomatic Tsunami strikes the South China Sea, the world witnesses a rapid tectonic shift in the strategic horizon. The Land of the Rising Sun drifts towards the Land of the Smiling Buddha and India gains an invaluable friend which has the potential to be a multi-dimensional ally comparable to the erstwhile Soviet Union. Japan’s Shinmaywa or US2, can become an excellent strategic weapon for India as Russia’s Nuclear Submarine, the US’ C17, France’s Rafale and Israel’s Phalcon.
                             Apart from all the other spheres which include nuclear co-operation, manufacturing, Biotechnology and cyber-security I can mention a few big –ticket areas of defense where India can immensely benefit and become the No.1 country in Asia.                                                 
                          Japan with its high speed train expertise and hardware technology can help India boost its infrastructure along the mountainous border with China with rail and bridge networks.
                      India can seek Japan’s naval co-operation in high tech areas.
                     China, with its carrier killing missile has left the USA worried. India and Japan can collaborate in general missile defense as well as the carrier killing missile defense.
                     India and Japan can co-operate in building the world’s fastest supercomputer. This will be a landmark in Indo-Japan partnership.
                    In the field of robotics Japan can help India immensely. In the modern scenario of increasing use of unmanned application robots have become a great necessity. A joint R&D on drones can be of great interest.
                   Both nations can co-operate successfully in the field of military space technology. With China flaunting its anti-satellite capability, this can be a great area of co-operation both in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities.
                   Further more in case of nuclear war scenario Japan’s defense mechanism of nuclear exigencies can be of great help.
So let us welcome Nippon.

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