Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Modi’s whirlwind tours to 18 countries in the first year in his office have raised considerable eye-brows in the opposition.
But the complex, geo-strategic, geographic, diplomatic, economic, industrial and maritime realities which have ensnared the nation demands a befitting role which the Indian Premier is relentlessly performing. He has assumed the role of the CEO of the nation marketing the country as a favorable destination for investment. In this role he is using his personal charm offensive by posing in the traditional attire of the country he is visiting as well as playing drums and instruments to send strong cultural messages.
But why is he so desperate? The answer lies in the past as well as in the present. India wasted precious opportunities to emerge as a superpower due to harmful coalition politics which resulted in policy paralysis .Lack of coherent foreign & defense policy as well as a hostile neighborhood and our landlocked western part hindered India’s rise.
Paired with the past, the present has thrown alarming challenges to the nation.Diplomatically our parochial and Pak-fixated approach have undervalued and wasted our strength. Our useless defense policy of no-export of defense equipments and overstress on peace has done us no good. 
China’s rise as a superpower and its overt and covert diplomatic, military and technological support to Pakistan have complicated India’s predicament. India’s helplessness has come full circle after the nuclear policy architect of Pakistan Khalid Kidwai declared that the whole of India along with the Andaman& Nicobar Islands had come under Shaheen 3 missile’s range. The rise of China is sending alarming aftershocks in the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Asia Pacific Region and even in the US. It is reportedly surpassing the US in space, cyber, ballistic missile, drone and jet fighter technologies. China has already sent nuclear submarines in the Indian Ocean. It is building several ports which can be used as military bases. India is apprehending a two-front war with Pakistan & China.
Again India is desperate to seek America’s help to counter China though years of mistrust between the two countries is still taking a toll in the transfer of sensitive military technologies. India is still a nuclear Pariah ------constrained by MTCR, NSG, Wassenaar arrangement and Australian group. Nuclear materials and dual use and military technologies are hard to come by .India is desperate to enter NSG.
The UN Security Council still disregards India and the elite P5 still is in control. Coupled with this is the diffidence which prevents Indian role in international mediation.
India needs trade and technology .In the field of defense India is the largest importer of arms .This erodes our financial base.Besides,to be a developed nation we need civilian ,dual use and military high end technologies.
Again we need to set up a flourishing industrial base in the country. We need civil manufacturing industries as well as military industrial complexes.
Our poor infrastructure has hindered our economic progress and military preparedness. India desperately needs roads, tunnels, railways, bridges, ports, telecom systems, undersea & mountain tunnels. India needs high speed trains. All these need huge investments which the domestic fund alone can ill afford.
 Again cultural exchange and people to people contact are very important for peace and prosperity of the globe.  Furthermore the promotion of Buddhism can doubly benefit India------as a soft power tool and as an economic tool as tourism can largely benefit from it from the tourist influx of China and South East Asian nations. This can blunt China’s PR exercise as the sole promoter of Buddhism. Thus to turn the whole world in India’s favor Modi has alone all the right things from the beginning .He has turned the hostile SAARC into a favorable entity. He has travelled the tiny island nations like Mauritius & Seychelles. He has secured billions of dollars from Japan, US, South Korea, China ,etc. and sought their tech helps too.Australia,France,Canada have agreed to help India in the nuclear energy field. America has agreed to co-produce and co-develop sensitive military weapon systems like the nuclear powered Vishal Aircraft carrier which will use ultra modern EMALS technologies.
              So let Modi fly all over the world .Like a bee he is collecting honey (trade, technology & investment) from several flowers (countries) to make a bee-hive in his beloved mother land------INDIA. Sitting idly in the PMO and restricting foreign tours will do us no good .Let him be the CEO, the Ambassador & the symbol of the country which has a huge potential to rule the world………

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