Tuesday, June 9, 2015

For a helpless and hopeless citizen of a country which has witnessed countless beheadings & mutilations of its soldiers by its small neighbours, no news could be so much heartening as the cross- border surgical retaliations conducted by Indian Special Forces in Myanmar.
                 This first ever cross-border operation will have a multi-faceted significance .It will send a strong signal not only to the terrorists, insurgents & the most wanted persons, but also to the countries which harbor them. This will no doubt unnerve the great powers which will count upon the strategic weight of a vast nuclear country. The propounder of Pre-emptive Strike, America will ponder over its implecation in relation to Pakistan.
              This operation will raise the value and the morale of our military.
             Moreover, our strategic planners & politicians will realize the value of Special Forces which require, like the American Seal Commandos, the stealth & silent helicopters, radar jammers, satellite feedback, drone reconnaissance and helmet mounted cameras to relay the operation back to the war room where the military and political  leadership can view the operation real time.

So a great beginning in the history of Military India under the great MODI------Rambo modi!!!!!!!!!!!..........

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