Thursday, May 26, 2016

The South China Sea- India’s Sea Of Opportunities
The South China sea misadventure by China which sent geo-strategic seismic waves throughout the globe has been bringing about a tectonic shift in Asia and beyond to India’s advantage.
                           The US under its own strategic compulsion is busy building an anti China Military bloc comprising Japan, Australia, India and lately Vietnam. The US Congress has brought a bill designating India as a major non-NATO ally. The US is moving to by pass its own strategic barriers against India like NPT, MTCR, etc. It has already agreed to help India in the construction of an aircraft carrier and handover to it the latest EMALS technology. It is readying to handover India the most sensitive military technologies unthinkable in the past.It is ignoring India’s SLBM tests, hydrogen bomb making attempts and its alliance with its arch enemy Iran.The US is fast drifting away from Pakistan. It has stopped supplying F16s to Pak, launching drone strikes on its soil ,warning it over its support to terrorism and expressing worries about the nuclear arsnal of Pakistan.
                  Japan , too, under South China Sea pressure is fast embracing a nuclear India and the pacifist country has agreed to sell India the most sensitive millitary technologies like the US 2 amphibious planes.
               Australia, until  recently sympathetic to China has joined the anti China bloc, launched reconaissance planes in the South China Sea region and most importantly has agreed to supply uranium to India. In this atmosphere of strategic re-alignment India is deftly re-orienting its diplomatic chess board to its advantage.
             Unlike the mythological Abhimanyu who was surrounded by several fighters, fought boldly but failed to come out of their Chakravyuh, India is vigorously coming out of the US- imposed tech-denial regime and with its new found economic and military might ,coming out of the chakravyuh of the two symbiotic nuclear powers----- China & Pakistan.
                  India’s strategies include:-
1)     Concluding Logistic Supply Agreement and CISMOA with the US & providing the US bases in case of future conflict with Pak and China and securing sensitive military technologies from the US like AVENGER drones
2)     Building nuclear subs , SLBMs and air craft carrier even with US help.
3)     Sending warships frequently in the South China Sea region and putting psychological pressure on China.
4)     Building satellite tracking station in Vietnam.
5)     Perfecting hydrogen bomb facilities.
6)     Completing Chabhar agreement with Iran and Afghanistan offsetting Chinese and Pak advantages in the region.
7)     Seeking US support for NSG.
8)     Acquiring S400 air defence system from Russia to permanently deter China and Pakistan.
9)     Seeking US expertise in anti submarine war fare to track and destroy the Chinese submarines in the Indian Ocean region.

                           Thus, with the world’s first successful  test of the Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon and the rapid space successes like the Moon and Mars mission, the indigenous GPS and space shuttle experiments and the success of its own missile defense system India is sending strong signals to the two hostile neighbours. India’s defense minister is rightly performing his duties to see that India is feared and respected in the world.
                       Thus the South China Sea dispute has opened enormous enormous opportunities for India to rise not only as an Asia Pacific Power but also as a world power and if Donald Trump is elected that process is to be accelerated even faster. 

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