Friday, September 23, 2016

Ever since the Pak-backed fidayeens attacked the Indian army headquarter in Uri, nationalistic Indians are rightly asking for a military reprisal against the rogue state, the ‘cancer’ of the world. But a cool-headed consideration will certainly dictate that the time is grossly inappropriate. Even a decade may not be sufficient, because India, by virtue of its Prime Minister’s innovative diplomacy is now on a transitional plain. It is going to be a virtual P-6 state. The US is opening technological floodgates for India. Russia is selling and even providing high technologies for big-ticket items like Nuclear subs and air-craft- carriers. Japan is shedding its Nuclear inhibitions to support India even with military technologies. France is selling India world’s best fighter –aircraft , Rafale with the world’s best air-to-air missile Meteor which no country in Asia possesses.The Islamic countries like Iran, Oman, UAE and even Saudi Arabia are veering towards India.The South China Sea encroachment by China has brought the US, Jaoan and Australia at India’s doorstep. The Indo-EU relationship is also smooth. Besides to help India in its Make In India initiative , Russia, US,Japan, Germany , France etc. have shown interest for joint production and development of several high-tech defence systems.Thus India which has already surpassed China in economic growth rate, is surely to surpass China in the sphere of military technologies and weapon systems. Thus at this critical juncture, if India is involved in military conflict with Pakistan and the conflict spins out of control to become nuclear, several repurcussions await India which will be detrimental to the country:-
(a)              The Indo-Japan Nuclear deal,which is a certainty will be nipped in the bud. This will dash all hopes for India in the world of nuclear commerce and cooperation.
(b)              NSG membership will be miles away and India’s MTCR membership may be endangered.
(c)               India will lose clout in the Islamic World.
(d)             India may face tech-denial regime yet again. The US which has agreed to sell India Guardian drones and which is likely to sell Avenger armed drones will certainly back out.
(e)               ISRO which is basking in the glory of its success in Mars and Moon mission, RLV and scramjet engine and indigenous cryo engine and which is to get several high technologies post MTCR   membership of India, may again face tech-denial regime.

All these considerations forbid any military misadventure. But the question is what India can do now??

          The options include the following:-
(1)             First of all declare Pak a terror state and snap all ties with Pakistan.
(2)             Pile up diplomatic pressure on Pak.
(3)             Shelter the Baluch leaders.
(4)             Highlight Pak atrocities in Baluchistan.
(5)             Think about TNW countermeasures.
(6)             Buy and operationise BMD systems like S-400 & Iron Dome.
(7)             Develop MIRVsystems.
(8)             Revolutionise nuclear delivery systems.
(9)             Foment internal strife inside Pak and weaken it economically.
(10)        Operationise Thermo-Nuclear warheads. Till we meet our objectives, Wait.
(11)        Unless RAW power over Pak territory  to launch target assassination of the terror fountain heads and the most wanted.

Those who seek knee-jerk reactions against Pak should remember the sole Superpower’s predicament in dealing with a tiny self-styled nuclear state, North Korea which is thousands of kilometres away.
               So look before we leap and prepare for the unforeseen which may even be an Armageddon.

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